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Mining (hand histories) PokerStars (COM), 888poker

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What is your coverage compared to other suppliers?
Projected coverage of ~ 99%, in the number of hands it can be seen on the chart. You can check the number of hands on yourself, or familiar to you players, then compare with competitors. That is why the free trial period is available.

How and when will I get hands?
You will receive hands on E-mail for each last day after 00:29 MSK until the expiration of the subscription. You will also receive a unique link with your key, where you can download archives for any number of days with one click (archives are stored for 30 days). This is a convenient option for those who want to download hands, for example, once every 7 days, and not every day from the e-mail.

How will the mining service develop?
It's no secret that the majority of players play poker stars, so this is the first room that we added first. Tournaments mining will soon appear on PokerStars, after which we will continue to work in other networks. Separately, the purchase of CASH tournaments will be added.

If you have a problem / have any suggestions or questions:
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